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Toor (Oily) 4lb

Toor (Oily) 4lb


Toor Dal Oily (split yellow peas) is a mainstay of Indian cuisine. Related to lentils (pulses) and rich in natural nutrients, these delicious legumes are an excellent source of protein, minerals and B vitamins.  Toor Dal Oily (split yellow peas) are an excellent, flavorful protein alternative for any meal. Use as a base or add Toor Dals to your favorite Indian dishes, including curries, soups, stews, salads and more.

Oily toor dal is a natural type of lentils having the long shelf life. No matter if you're cooking for two or a large gathering.

Health Benefits:

Toor dal or arhar dal is a rich source of protein, carbohydrates and fibre. Toor dal is an excellent source of phosphorus that helps in building strong bones and teeth. This humble pulse facilitates to meet your daily demands of iron and calcium. Phosphorus also helps in reducing kidney waste and growing, maintaining and repairing body tissues. Besides these, toor dal is an incredible source of folic acids which is essential for fetal growth and prevents the birth defects of the new-born. A high protein diet is to help in weight loss. Toor dal is a rich source of dietary fibre, protein and being low in glycaemic index helps attain weight loss goals by reducing appetite, boosting metabolism and restricting the intake of overall calories. According to nutritionists and health experts, there are multiple health benefits of adding toor dal in your regular meal plan.

Toor dal oily should be consume after rinse with water properly, so that the oil in it gets washed away. After cooking, it can be consume both with roti and rice. This oily Toor dal is mostly consume by Gujarati community. Soak the toor dal in a bowl of water for 20 minutes or overnight if you are well organized. This time the water should only be a little bit above the dal. Gently cook the dal so that it softens, this will take around 20-35 minutes.

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